While the quality of the public medical services is usually below standards, the private clinics and hospitals benefit from professional staff, last generation equipments and modern facilities. Moreover, the staff of these private institutions can usually speak English or other foreign languages, which turns out to be a very valuable trait in case of need. Although we wish you a stay undisturbed by medical problems, it’s best to know where to go in case of emergency. Below we have listed some of the biggest private health providers in Romania which offer an integrated system of hospitals, clinics, laboratories, medical campuses and mobile medical units.

MedLife is the biggest private provider of medical services in Romania. The access to their services is facilitated by an integrated system which contains: ambulatory, hospital, medical laboratories and pharmacies. At the moment, MedLife has:
– 9 hyper-clinics (in Bucharest, Timişoara, Braşov and Arad)
– 8 laboratories
– 2 hospitals (in Bucharest and Arad) which include all the medical/surgical specialties
– 20 mobile medical units
– 6 specialized medical centres (maternal-fetal medicine, physiotherapy and medical recovery, osteoporosis, gastroenterology, psychiatry and psychotherapy, proctology)
Apart from their own network of clinics, MedLife also develops a partnership with over 135 medical clinics in Romania. To contact MedLife, call (021) 9646 or visit MedLife Website.

Regina Maria is one of the biggest networks of private healthcare services in Bucharest and Romania. Their over 130,000 patients are treated in:
– 18 polyclinics (Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Braşov, Constanţa, Bacău) and over 130 partner polyclinics all over the country
– 6 hospitals in Bucharest and in the country (Obstetrics and Gynaecology Hospital, Arcul de Triumf Surgical Hospital, Euroclinic Hospital, Dorobanţi Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Hospital in Braşov, Multidisciplinary Day Hospital in Bacău)
– 3 maternity hospitals (Bucharest and Braşov)
– 3 medical campuses (Bucharest, Bacău and Braşov)
– 5 medical imaging centres (nuclear magnetic resonance, computed tomography) in Bucharest, Bacău and Braşov
– the Clinic Laboratories Division (Bucharest, Constanţa, Bacău and Braşov)
– Stem Cells Central Bank
For more information or appointments, dial 021 9268 – Regina Maria Call Centre or visit Regina Maria Website.

Gral Medical
Since 2000, Gral Medical is one of the most important healthcare providers, based on primary and specialized medical assistance. At the moment, the medical services in the Gral centres covers over 31 specialities, 433 types of laboratory tests and 521 medical manoeuvres and investigations. Gral Medical has a network of 24 medical centres:
– clinics in Bucharest and Ploieşti
– diagnostic clinic in Bucharest
– dialysis centre in Bucharest
– oncology clinics in Bucharest, Ploieşti, Piteşti, Focşani and Craiova
– 11 laboratories in Bucharest, Ploieşti, Sibiu and Craiova
– 4 medical imaging centres in Bucharest and Ploieşti
For more details or appointments, please call 021-323.00.00(02) – Call Centre or directly contact the chosen centre at the corresponding telephone numbers from this list. Visit Gral Medical Website

Mediclass is a multidisciplinary medical centre of diagnosis and ambulatory treatment opened in 2006 in Bucharest. The doctors from MediClass offer consultations and examinations in over 40 medical specialities, while at the clinic’s laboratory you can perform more than 10 types of laboratory tests. Concerned with constantly developing its range of activity, MediClass now offers innovating services such as aesthetic plastic surgery (medical wellness), pain therapy or low frequency laser therapy. For more information and contact details, visit Mediclass Website.