Banat and Crisana Tours

Tour 1

3-day Banat and Crisana Tour

Day 1: Start your trip with a one-day tour of the elegant city of Oradea, the third-largest and one of the most important cultural centres in Banat and Crişana Region.

Day 2 (170km): Head south-east to visit two of the most impressive caves in Romania, Meziad and Bears’ Cave, before stopping for the night in the beautiful Stâna de Vale alpine resort.

Day 3 (90km): Return on the same route to Oradea, but stop 5km before entering the city in Băile Felix resort and spend the day relaxing in a pool with geothermal water.

Tour 2

3-day Banat and Crisana Tour

Day 1: One full day is never too much for discovering Timişoara! Take the time for exploring the city’s museums and parks and for indulging yourself in the delicious cuisine of its restaurants.

Day 2 (265km): After a 4.5 hours drive and more than 100km driven along the spectacular bank of the Danube, you get to Orşova, an elegant town which is a perfect starting point for a cruise on the river to the Danube’s Gorges. Ask the boat driver to stop at Ponicova Cave and have fun exploring this underground cavern before heading to one of the villages in the area for accommodation.

Day 3 (205km): Discover the charming Băile Herculane health spa resort and head back to Timişoara, but not before stopping for a wine tasting at Recaş Winery.

Tour 3

5-day Banat and Crisana Tour

Day 1: Discover Timişoara and learn about its development and evolution in one of its museums. In the second part of the day relax in a restaurant or have fun on the Bega river.

Day 2 (265km): Go south until you meet the Danube and then follow its course to Orşova. From here you can take a river cruise to the Danube’s Gorges, explore a cave or take a hike in the mountains before accommodating at a lovely pension on the Danube’s bank.

Day 3 (130km): Head to the elegant Băile Herculane spa resort and spend most of the day in a thermal bath, before continuing your route to the small mountainous village of Văliug.

Day 4 (170km): Take advantage of the beautiful Semenic Mountain surrounding you and go hiking, biking and exploring the area. Drive north and stop in Băile Lipova for a swim and accommodation.

Day 5 (90km): Close to Lipova you can visit the ruins of one of the most beautiful medieval citadels in Romania, Şoimoş. Before returning to Timişoara, make a detour and visit Arad, the second-largest city in Banat and Crişana Region.

Tour 4

5-day Banat and Crisana Tour

Day 1: To make sure you completely grasp the spirit of Timişoara, spend one day exploring its museums and relaxing in its wonderfuls parks.

Day 2 (175km): Drive to Arad and take a tour of the city before heading to Oradea for accommodation.

Day 3 (10km): Enjoy Oradea’s Vienesse atmosphere for a couple of hours and then go to the nearby Băile Felix resort for a swim in the pool with geothermal water and for spending the night in a pension.

Day 4 (75km): One hour drive will take you to Chişcău, an authentic Romanian village that proves a great base for a visit to the Bears’ Cave and for hikes in the Apuseni Mountains. Day 5: (245km): Head south to visit the Royal Castle of Săvârșin. In case the Romanian royal family is there and you can’t visit it, head back to Timişoara, but not without stopping on the way to admire the ruins of Şoimoş fortress or for a swim in the pools from Băile Lipova.

Tour 5

7-day Banat and Crisana Tour

Day 1 (100km): Take a tour of Oradea and, for the second part of the day, head to the intimate alpine resort of Stâna de Vale. On the way you can stop to visit Meziad Cave.

Day 2 (50km): Go south, to the village of Chişcău, which will prove a great starting point for a visit to the Bears’ Cave and for hikes to the Apuseni Mountains to admire the carst phenomena (Padiş Plateau and Cetăţile Ponorului).

Day 3 (160km): Spend the day in the elegant city of Arad end it in one of its intimate hotels.

Day 4 (55km): Continue your trip with another important urban centre, Timişoara, which will welcome you with great squares, museums and parks.

Day 5 (300km): Say „goodbye” to the city life and plunge south to Cheile Nerei National Park, a great place for sports and outdoor activities (hiking, caving, rafting, zip-line, rappel etc). For accommodation, stop at one of the pensions situated on the Danube’s bank.

Day 6 (255km): Head back north and visit the beautiful Băile Herculane resort. Make a short detour to the Royal Castle of Săvârşin and end the day with a bath in the pool in Băile Lipova.

Day 7 (150km): On your way back to Oradea, you can stop in the small town of Salonta. Close to here, you can also visit Cefa Natural Park and the interesting bird colony in Rădvani Forest.

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