In 2009 the Sandu family revived an old plantation that belonged to the boyar and politician Constantin Argetoianu, rebuilt the old winery founded at the beginning of the XIX century and thus DOC Banu Maracine resettled on the viticultural map of Romania.
In order to obtain the quality, it uses exclusively the grapes from its own plantation, the grapes are harvested manually, in small boxes, the grapes are sorted during the harvest but also before destemming. For red wines are used exclusively Romanian oak barrels. Seven years after replanting, they launched the wines under the name 7ARTS. For the image of the bottles, they chose the paintings of the artist Angela Szabo because they reflect the content: fantasy, complexity, color, expressiveness.
The vineyard is located in the wine region Dealurile Olteniei, located 44.3550 N, 23.6810E, on a land with slopes of 10 ° -30 ° and another maximum of 600m. The vines are arranged from North to South, thus benefiting from the sun throughout the day. The subsoil consists of clays, marls and sands of Levantine age, being ideal for obtaining high quality grapes and wines.

The 30 ha are cultivated as follows: at the base of the hill the white varieties Feteasca Alba, Sauvignon Blanc, Tamaioasa Romaneasca, and as the slope grows, we find vines from the red varieties Syrah, Feteasca Neagra, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.