The Romanian Athenaeum

The Romanian Athenaeum, built in 1888, is one of the architectural exponents of Bucharest and a symbol of the national culture. Resembling with an Ionic temple and having a superb baroque cupola, this event venue houses the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Romanian National Opera in Timişoara

The Romanian National Opera in Timişoara, housed inside the Palace of Culture, is one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the country. It offers its public around 100 high quality and extremely appreciated opera, operetta and ballet performances a year.

National Arena in Bucharest

National Arena in Bucharest is the newest stadium in Romania, being inaugurated on September 6th 2011. Built on the site of the former “Lia Manoliu” National Stadium, the new six-storey-high Arena has a surface of 108,000 sqm and benefits from 55,000 seats.

Cluj Arena

Cluj Arena, built in 2011, is the newest stadium in Cluj-Napoca, respecting all the European standards of the UEFA Elite category. It is used for football matches, athletic competitions, concerts, cultural reunions and different other types of events. The modern technologies, equipments and facilities and the high quality turf make Cluj Arena one of the best stadiums in Romania.

Oltenia Philharmonic in Craiova

Oltenia Philharmonic in Craiova is a renowned institution in the Romanian musical and cultural life, founded in 1904 and reorganized in 1947 by a royal decree. The Philharmonic’s orchestras are the Symphony Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra, the Academic Choir and the chamber assemblies, being ones of the most appreciated artistic instrumental ensembles of this type in Romania.

The Roman Arenas

The Roman Arenas represent an outdoor venue situated in Bucharest’s Carol Park, designed to host open-air shows, concerts and other events. The Arenas are one of the venues most appreciated both by the Romanian public and by the national and international artists who have performed here.


Built in 1962, ROMEXPO in Bucharest is the biggest exhibition centre and the main organizer of fairs and exhibitions in Romania. The complex covers a total area of 421,700 sqm, out of which more than half is the actual exhibition surface. There are 15 exhibition halls and 21 conference halls with a capacity of 1.000 seats, services by a parking with 2.700 places.

The Palace Hall (Sala Palatului)

The Palace Hall (Sala Palatului) is a modern events venue located in the centre of Bucharest, very close to the former Royal Palace, now the Romanian National Art Museum.

Marin Sorescu National Theatre

Marin Sorescu National Theatre is Craiova’s most prestigious cultural institution, being emblematic for the city and Romania at the same time. The institution was founded in 1850 and since 1973 it functions in the actual building, a true architectural masterpiece.

Vasile Alecsandri National Theatre

Vasile Alecsandri National Theatre, built in the 1890s, is the first national theatre in Romania. Due to its neoclassical façade, rich in allegorical statues related to music and theatre, it is considered to be one of the most elegant in the country. The Iaşi National Romanian Opera is also housed in the same building.

InDArt Theatre

It is said that the theater is the place where you meet with you … or forget about yourself. The place where the emotions take hold of the hand and dance crazy, the laughter breaks loose and the heart feels lighter. We could say that theater is a magic number: because in theater time is in place.