Country Tours

There are not many places endowed with such a perfect combination of the beauty and the picturesque that makes a country desirable for tourists, so give up any prejudices and prepare yourself for nice surprises. 

Banat and Crisana Tours

The regions of Banat and Crișana welcome you with DYNAMISM, HISTORY and DELIGHT, three words that describe perfectly the essence of western Romania. Dominated by the western side of the Apuseni Mountains and crossed by the Danube, Tisa and Mureș rivers, the regions are endowed with beautiful landscapes.

Dobrogea Tours

Five months of burning sun, 194 kilometres of coastline with golden beaches, endless vineyards and a rich Greek and Byzantine heritage, all can be found in Dobrogea, Romania’s south-eastern region. Explore it in order to discover the Romanian seaside and the Danube Delta!

Maramures Tours

An ethno-folkloric region with well-preserved customs and traditions, hospitable people and charming sights. This is Maramureș, a region located on the north-western side of Romania.

Moldavia Tours

Beautiful landscapes, many welcoming pensions, delicious dishes, monasteries and medieval castles, as well as meaningful customs and traditions: this is Moldavia! Moldavia lies in the North-East of Romania, surrounded by the Eastern Carpathians, the Danube and Prut River.

Transylvania Tours

Transylvania is the heart of Romania, Dracula’s land, situated within the Carpathians’ arch. This touristic region captivates through the diversity of its landscape and the Saxon, Romanian and Hungarian cultural confluences.

Wallachia Tours

Bordered in the north by the highest Romanian mountains, the Southern Carpathians (Carpaţii Meridionali), Wallachia runs south down to the Danube Meadow. To the east, the Danube separates the province from Dobrogea, and to the west, the whirling Danube Cauldrons (Cazanele Dunării) of the same river marks, through unique landscapes, the border with Serbia.