The Bioef company, a member of the Ropharma group, brings together doctors, pharmacists, biologists, chemists, veterinarians and agronomists whose common goal is to obtain dairy products. The quality of the products is ensured and guaranteed by its own Bioef laboratory, authorized by (National Sanitary-Veterinary Authority for Food Safety) and (National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices).
The story of the company begins in 1994, with the first dairy farm in Doștat, in Alba County. The automated milking parlor was a first for Romania in those years, as was the powdered milk factory that appeared in 1998. Currently, the company owns two dairy cows and a beef cattle farm, 1500 ha of ecologically certified agricultural land, and since 2018 a modern milk processing factory, in Baru, Hunedoara County.
The Bioef group of specialists reinvented milk, succeeding in isolating and concentrating magical ingredients such as immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, melatonin or bovine colostrum. They are then used as a supplement to dairy products or as such in the form of supplements. These substances make the connection between food and medicine, thus opening a new chapter in nutrition – that of functional foods or aliquots.
– Yogurt – Ene (Melatonin)
It contributes to the improvement of sleep disorders, reduces the time needed to fall asleep and has a calming effect.
– Yogurt – Colostrum
Contributes to increasing immunity, regulates digestion, antimicrobial and antifungal effect, shortens wound healing time.
– Yogurt – Lactoferrin
Immunostimulatory and antianemic effect. Antioxidant and detoxifying role.
– The apple – RedLove
A few steps from the farm where the super-milk cows live, there is an orchard of fruit trees like no other in the whole country. Here is cultivated, exclusively for Romania, the Red Love apple variety, a special variety obtained by Swiss researchers after 20 years of experimentation.
From the cross-pollination between an Asian variety, extremely sour and almost impossible to eat, and a sweet variety from Europe, resulted Red Love, the apple with a red heart. The name is not accidental. In section, the apple pulp has an intense red color and a surprising, heart-shaped appearance.
What is the explanation behind this bloody apple? An antioxidant content 10-25 times higher than in classic apples, antioxidants of the anthocyanin family. If until now the apple was known to be the most natural and healthiest dessert, rich in vitamins, water and fiber, Red Love brings an additional antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. Another interesting feature of these fruit trees is that they are self-fertile, and they have increased natural resistance to diseases and pests, so many pesticides should not be used for their cultivation.
Red Love is a crunchy and sour apple, with an intense berry aroma and low calorie content. The slogan “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is as true as possible when we talk about this apple with antioxidant effect, at a time when we all want increased immunity and resistance to disease. Coincidentally, on the sunny hills near Sebeș, we have super apples and super milk.