Moldavia Tours

Tour 1

3-day Moldavia Tour

Day 1 (165km): Start your Moldavia tour in Iaşi and head north to Botoşani. After a short tour of the city, take DN29 to Suceava, where you can visit the Princely Citadel and Bucovina Village Museum.

Day 2 (215km): Embark on a tour from Suceava to Gura Humorului that will take you to Dragomirna, Solca and Putna and to the painted monasteries from Pătrăuţi, Arbore, Suceviţa and Moldoviţa, with a short halt in Marginea, the centre of black ceramics.

Day 3 (190km): Explore Humor and Voroneţ monasteries, situated around Gura Humorului, and then head back to Iaşi, stopping on the way in Fălticeni to visit Ion Irimescu Art Museum or Mihail Sadoveanu Memorial House.

Tour 2

3-day Moldavia Tour

Day 1 (215km): Leave Iaşi and head to Suceava to visit the Princely Citadel. If you have the time, go to Humor and Voroneţ monasteries before accommodating in Gura Humorului.

Day 2 (200km): Start your trip with a visit to Cacica salt mine, Solca and Arbore monasteries. From Marginea village (the centre of black ceramics in Romania), make a detour to Putna Monastery, return and head west to Vatra Dornei, visiting the painted churches in Suceviţa and Moldoviţa on the way.

Day 3 (265km): Explore the elegant Vatra Dornei resort during the morning and, before returning to Iaşi, stop in Târgu Neamţ, where you can pick between several attractions to visit: Neamţ Citadel, Ion Creangă Memorial House in Humuleşti, Vânători-Neamț Natural Park or Agapia, Văratec and Neamţ monasteries.

Tour 3

3-day Moldavia Tour

Day 1 (200km): A 1.5-hour drive will take you from Iaşi to Târgu Neamţ, the starting point for visiting Neamţ Citadel, Neamţ Monastery, Vânători-Neamţ Natural Park and Agapia and Văratec monasteries. End the day in Piatra Neamţ.

Day 2 (225km): Dedicate the morning to explore the city’s museums and take a gondola ride before heading to another important city, Bacău. From here, go south to the wine-growing region Panciu-Odobeşti and stop for the night in Focşani.

Day 3 (210km): Return to Iaşi, but now before visiting the planetarium in Bârlad and exploring the elegant centre of Vaslui.

Tour 4

3-day Moldavia Tour

Day 1 (225km): Start your trip in Iaşi and head south to Galaţi, your destination for the day, halting on the way to explore the towns of Vaslui and Bârlad.

Day 2 (170km): Dedicate the first part of the day for a tour of Galaţi and a walk on the Danube’s waterfront. Head to Panciu and Odobeşti for a wine-tasting session before accommodating in Soveja, allegedly the resort with the most ozone-filled air in Europe.

Day 3 (275km): Head back north and spend the day exploring Bacău before returning to Iaşi.

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