The number of cultural festivals held annually in Romania increases from year to year, bringing more participants and attracting more and more tourists from all over the world. Depending on your tastes, you can choose the outdoor manifestations of the medieval festivals or the renowned classical music competitions, rock concerts or theatre and film festivals. All these manifestations cover the whole year, and below we have prepared a small list of the ones you should really not miss, depending on the season and the region you are travelling to.


Student-Fest – early May The most important festival of student art and culture in Timişoara: a week full of architecture, visual arts, photography, film, literature, music, theatre and parties.

Sibiu Jazz Festival – 2nd weekend in May
One of the most important cultural events in Romania and the oldest festival of its kind in the country, taking place for more than three decades. Due to the Jazz Festival, Sibiu was declared the “Jazz Capital” of Romania.

Sibiu International Theatre Festival – last week of May
The third largest theatre festival in the world, held annually in Sibiu, brings to the Romanian public a varied range of productions from foreign and Romanian theatre companies, street performances, flamenco, ballet and musical representations, as well as conferences and debates, exhibitions, book launches and workshops held in unconventional spaces.


Transylvania International Film Festival – late May or early June
Known as the unofficial capital of the Romanian cinematography, Cluj-Napoca hosts the annual Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF), the city’s biggest event. This popular festival, hosting hundreds of films from dozens of countries, gives you the chance to watch premieres of valuable productions.

Medieval Art Festival – late July
The Medieval Art Festival (Festivalul Artei Medievale) transforms Sighişoara in an outdoor stage. You will be surprised by the medieval atmosphere created by the street performances, the vintage costumes’ parade and the music of the troubadours, but also by the cultural and art manifestations organized on this occasion.

Timișoara Beer Festival – late June, early July
The popular celebrations of Timișoara Beer Festival can be resumed in four words: beer, barbecues, music and competitions.

B’ESTFEST international music festival in Bucharest is considered to be one of the largest events of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. B’ESTFEST placed itself among the largest festivals in the world, bringing over 100 artists from all around the world in front of more than 180,000 people!

Stufstock – August
The cultural annual event gathers in Vama Veche music bands from all over the country. Stufstock rock music festival attracts mainly rockers, metalheads, punkers and goths.

Peninsula Festival – August
Peninsula is a rock music festival held every year in Târgu Mureș (in Transylvania region). It is considered to be the little brother of the annual Sziget rock festival in Budapest, Hungary.

Artmania Festival – August
Artmania is an annual festival held in Sibiu which offers its public a rich and varied cultural program. The event’s agenda includes concerts, exhibitions, book launches, workshops and other special events.

Anonimul International Independent Film Festival – August, in Sfântu Gheorghe (in the Danube Delta) Anonimul Festival is an annual film festival which includes a film competition, tributes, retrospectives, film projections and debates. The competition, available for Romanian and international films, has three sections: feature film, short fiction and short animation.


Plai Festival – mid-September
Plai Festival in Timișoara is an event that celebrates multiculturalism, as it includes a diversity of concerts, workshops and presentations.

Mamaia National Pop Music Festival – early September
Mamaia Festival gathers Romanian music bands that compete in the festival’s three sections: Performance, Creation and Hits.

George Enescu Music Festival – September
George Enescu Festival is one of the most important and prestigious cultural events in Romania, taking place annually in Bucharest. It comprises a series of concerts and events, including competitions for piano, violin and cello and composition.

Bucharest’s Days – September
During the three days of celebration, you can enjoy concerts, shows, exhibitions, parties and fairs, as well as carriages and vintage costumes’ parades.

Film and Culinary Art Lovers Festival – August or September, in Cetate Cultural Port (Wallachia Region)
Every day of the festival, the guests and spectators who will attend it will have the opportunity to watch feature films, documentaries and short films, to participate in meetings and debates and to taste gastronomic delicacies.

Anim’est International Animation Film Festival – October
The festival has become Bucharest’s most appreciated film festival and one of the most important events on the international animation scene. The film aficionados can participate, besides the film projections, in workshops and round tables.

Astra Film Festival – mid to late October
The Romanian International Documentary Film Festival is the oldest international festival in the country. Representative for Sibiu both in Romania and abroad, Astra Festival includes competitions, workshops, debates, concerts and documentary films’ projection.

Iași Days – October
Celebrate Iași Days by participating in the numerous manifestations that take place on this occasion: concerts, parades, demonstrations, competitions and many others. This holiday coincides with Saint Parascheva’s Feast Day, when thousands of pilgrims head to Iaşi to worship the Saint’s relics.

DaKINO International Film Festival – November
DaKINO Festival represents a short fiction and animation competition held in Bucharest. The selected films compete for the DaKINO Trophy, Best Director, Best Cinematography and the Special Award of the Jury.

National Theatre Festival – October or November
The National Theatre Festival in Bucharest is a marathon of performances, conferences, book launches, exhibitions and informal debates, which reunites actors, directors, critics and journalists from all around the world. To be abreast of the upcoming festivals, check the Events section on our website.