Romania’s Treasure City
Step by step in the largest city in Transylvania

Being the largest city in Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca is definitely not a destination to visit in only one day, but here we have tried to make an exercise of imagination to help those of you who are pressed by the clock. If time is on your side and you don’t need to worry about having to see too many things in too short a time, then you can extend this tour of the city for several days, as you will have something new to discover in each of them. Though the city spreads on 180 square kilometres, the central part of Cluj-Napoca is concentrated on an area which can be easily covered by foot, bicycle and public transportation in a couple of hours.

As a starting point, we would choose the lovely Avram Iancu Square, which impresses through the number of imposing buildings that surround it. You can admire the façades of edifices such as the Military Club, the National Opera, the Palace of Justice and the County Hall and visit the elegant Orthodox Cathedral. A 10 minutes walk on the touristy Eroilor Boulevard will lead you to the Union Square, dominated by the Roman-Catholic Cathedral and bordered by some of the cities must-visit museums.

Before moving away from the centre of the city, take a lunch break in one of Cluj-Napoca’s tourist-friendly restaurants. If you feel like stretching your legs and doing some exercise, go to the Botanical Garden or take a half an hour hike to Cetăţuia Hill, return to the Central Park at its foot and visit the neighbouring Cluj Arena. Those who prefer a less active afternoon can head to one of the city’s shopping centres in search of presents and souvenirs and relax over a drink in a café or tea house.

After such a busy day, most of the people would want to go back to the hotel and rest, but don’t do it! Being an important university centre with thousands of students, the so-called Treasure City comes to life after night falls and boasts with a wide variety of nightlife options. Head to a club and have fun till the morning light, so that you can leave the city saying that you’ve tried them all and that it was awesome!