Jupiter-Cap Aurora is one of the smallest and greenest resorts on the Black Sea’s shore, introduced in the touristic circuit in the 1970s. It is situated in a picturesque location, between the Comorova Woods, Tismana Lake and the seashore, which is dominated by a long sea front. The resort is recommended for tourists in search of a relaxing place to spend their holiday or for those who need various treatments with aerosols or peat coal mud.

The beach in Jupiter, in the northern part of the resort, is a continuation of the beach from Neptun. It stretches for one kilometre along the gulf, has fine sand and is especially picturesque, being fragmented by numerous small gulfs.

It the southern part of the resort, the beach in Cap Aurora, though much narrower, has the advantage of providing very quick access from the hotels. This is because the resort is situated on a peninsula which enters spectacularly into the sea and has a sea front fragmented by gulfs bordered by sea defences.

Tourists coming to Jupiter-Cap Aurora can accommodate in one of the numerous hotels and villas or can opt for camping in the specially arranged area. The resort’s entertainment facilities include bars, clubs, tennis courts, football fields, mini-golf courses, bowling tracks, open air cinema and pools, while the sea and Tismana Lake are perfect for practicing water sports.