Eforie Sud is the oldest balneary resort and one of the first summer resorts on the shore of the Black Sea, dating from the end of the 19th century. Situated between the sea and Lake Techirghiol, it is also known as “the town between waters”.

The resort is remarkable for its wonderful maritime Riviera, which descends in successive stages to a beach 2km long. The sea front reaches a height of 35m, being the highest of all the fronts in any of the Romanian summer resorts. The beach, narrow and covered with fine sand, is better than that of Eforie Nord, although the resort is less developed.

The atmosphere is filled with negative aero ions (aerosols), which have beneficial effects on the health. The first balneary establishment in the area was founded here in 1892. The salt water and mud of neighbouring Lake Techirghiol have curative properties and are used for treating rheumatism, dermatological affections and bone diseases.

If you also feel like visiting, take a one day trip to Constanța and find out more about the region’s history at the Archaeological and National History Museum and the Archaeological Park. Take a walk on the promenade to see the Casino or enjoy the livelier Aquarium and Dolphinarium. Have fun in Satul de Vacanță and Luna Park!