Vatra Dornei, the most popular spa resort in Moldavia, is renowned for its thermal waters, the beautiful landscape, the climate and the facilities for skiing. There is a number of 37 mineral springs in Vatra Dornei and the nearby villages. The resort also gives its name to the largest sparkling mineral water plant in the country. The bicarbonate water is good for curing stomach ills, but this is not all that the resort offers. The natural park in the centre of the resort and the casino will remind you of the famous balneary resorts in Western Europe. Take some time to discover the town’s small museums, among which the most interesting is the ethnographic one.

For those who want to explore, the town is surrounded by mountains which offer lovely hiking trails. Other types of activities during the summer include mountain biking and river rafting on Bistrița River. In the cold season, the winter sports are becoming increasingly popular. There are two ski slopes with medium level of difficulty, equipped with a chairlift, button lift and baby ski, suitable for both beginners and expert skiers.

Take a day off from spa treatments, skiing or hiking and take a tour of the The Painted Monasteries of Bucovina, situated within a 1 – 1.5h driving distance from Vatra Dornei. Stop at Suceava and visit the Princely Citadel, one of the most impressive historical monuments in the region.