Sovata is a popular bathing resort situated within one-hour driving distance from Sighișoara, famous for its curative mineral waters and mud from the surrounding lakes. Sovata was first mentioned in 1597, but it wasn’t until 1850 that it became a health spa resort. The main attraction of the resort is athe group of heliothermic salt lakes, consisting in lakes Ursu, supposed to be Europe’s biggest heliothermic lake (with a water temperature of approx. 45 degrees Celsius), Aluniș, Verde, Negru, Roșu, Mierlei and Șerpilor.

Tourists come here for treating various illnesses, but also for relaxing and enjoying the numerous entertainment possibilities, such as going to the cinema, swimming in the covered pools, playing bowling and taking hikes and trips to the surroundings areas, biking and taking ATV rides in the summer or skiing in the winter on Aluniș slope. You can also take the tour of the resort by a tourist train, take a mocănița ride and visit the nearby Salt Mountain.

How to get to
Sovata is situated 51 km from Târgu Mureș following DJ135 road and 68 km from Sighisoara following DN13 and DN13A roads.