Slănic Prahova is a balneary resort, home of the biggest salt mine in Europe and of a Salt Mountain. Due to its salt deposits, the town became known more than 300 years ago, when the first exploitations started in the area. The salty mineral water springs, as well as the air from the mine, are used to treat many diseases. Cures with the mineral waters and baths in the salt lakes Baia Baciului, Baia Rosie, Baia Porcilor and Lacul Verde have been used for medical purposes ever since 1885, when the resort started to develop. Nowadays, tourists coming to Slănic Prahova will find numerous facilities for baths with mineral waters, mud wraps, electrotherapy etc.

The resort has a balneary complex, and a big number of villas and pensions for accommodation. Here you can visit the Salt Museum, while the surrounding area allows easy walks and hikes to various natural sights, such as the Salt Mountain, declared a natural reserve, Bride’s Cave, Piatra Verde quarry, the group of springs Fantana Rece-Sub Cetate, Fantana lui Dusman and Fantana Gogon.

How to get there:
Slănic Prahova is situated 100 km north from Bucharest, following DN1 road to Ploiesti an DJ102 from there to the resort.