Sângeorz Băi spa is a resort in the northern part of Transylvania, on the banks of Someşul Mare River, known for its numerous springs with mineral water. Tourists come here especially for treatments with this water with curative properties and aerosols, but also for other procedures, such as acupuncture, massage, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy. The effects of the mineral waters in this area were recorded in 1770 by the Austrian-Hungarian government that led the country during that period. This led to the establishment of a resort called Băile Hebe, which then transformed in the current Sângeorz Băi.

For tourists who don’t come here for treatment, the resort provides a good starting point for hikes into the Rodna Mountains, trips to the ruins of Rodna citadel, to the wine cellars in Lechinţa or to Bistrița, the closest town to the resort.

How to get there:
Sângeorz Băi is situated 50km northeast from Bistrița, following DN17C and DN17D roads via Năsăud.