Ocna Sibiului is a health spa resort near Sibiu, known for the curative properties of the hyper concentrated salt water, of the mineral water and of the mud from the fourteen surrounding lakes. Due to these advantages, the aerosol-filled air and the high temperatures, all of which were beneficial factors for treating various illnesses, the first health spa resort was founded here in 1845.

Nowadays, tourists come to Ocna Sibiului for relaxing in the recently renovated salt-water pools. You can also go to the Bottomless Lake (”Lacul fară fund”), declared a natural monument, and benefit from the therapeutic effects of Lake Brâncoveanu. In Ocna Sibiului you can visit the Calvin Christian Reformed Church, which presents Gothic arches, Renaissance murals, a clock tower and defence walls, and “Brâncoveanu de Sus” Church, founded by Michael the Brave and rebuilt by Constantin Brâncoveanu.

How to get to:
Ocna Sibiului is situated 15km northwest of Sibiu, following DJ106B road.