The twin health spa resorts Călimăneşti and Căciulata mark the entrance to the Olt valley, a beautiful gorge. They are famous for the mineral waters in the area, which have therapeutic properties, being used for a wide range of treatments. The benefits of the thermal waters were known from the time of the Dacians, and the Romans built here the castrum Arutela, whose remains can still be seen. Călimăneşti was first documentary mentioned in 1388 and its fame grew outside the borders if Romania. It is said that even Napoleon III took a cure with mineral waters coming from the springs in the area.

Around Călimăneşti and Căciulata there is a wealth of churches and monasteries, the most important one being Cozia Monastery, one of the first Byzantine style edifices in the area. You can also visit Ostrov Monastery, erected on an island, Stănișoara Monastery and Turnu Monastery, which acts like a starting point for 5-6 hours hikes towards the Cozia Massif. Approximately 6 km away from the resort you can admire the spectacular Lotrişor Waterfall.

How to get to:
Călimăneşti – Căciulata is situated 130km northeast from Craiova and 190km northwest from Bucharest, following DN7 road.
By train: There are 11 daily trains leaving from Ramnicu Valcea to Călimăneşti. The first one leaves at 3:10 and the last one at 20:05. Approximate travel time is 25 minutes.
By bus: There are numerous daily buses leaving Ramnicu Valcea to Călimăneşti every 20 minutes between 5:00 and 20:00. Approximate travel time is 25 minutes.