Băile Tușnad is a bathing resort, popular for its mineral baths and pools and clean air. It was first established in 1842, after the therapeutic effect of the mineral waters was discovered by accident, but it took its name in 1861. There are more than 40 natural and artificial springs, some of them being used for internal and external treatments of various illnesses. The water is used in treatment centres and in the resort’s outdoor pool.

Hikes are also possible, offering beautiful views of the surrounding valleys. Take a hike to the Hawks’ Cliff, which offers a great panoramic view over the surrounding mountains and valleys, and to the remains of the citadel with same name. You can also take a trip to Lake St. Ann, the only volcanic lake in Central Europe, now a natural reserve, to the nearby Balvanyos citadel, which belonged to the Székelys. During winter, you can also ski on the 500m-long ski slope.

How to get there:
Băile Tușnad is situated 67 km north of Brasov, following E578 road.