Eforie Nord is a leisure and health spa resort on the shore of the Black Sea, recommended especially to families and to those seeking balneary treatments. The fine-sand beach is 3km long and 20-100m wide, being bordered in the northern part of the resort by a high sea front, one of the most popular places for promenade in the area. The private harbour recently opened here allows yachts to anchor by the fine sandy beaches of the resort.

Very close to the town centre is Lake Techirghiol, known for its black mud, used for treating rheumatism. The local treatment centres, such as Efosan Sanatorium (Eforie Nord Hospital for Recovery, Physical Medicine and Balneology), have hot bath installations with concentrated salt water from Lake Techirghiol and from the sea. These venues for treating various illnesses through natural methods attract numerous tourists both during summer and during the cold season.

Take a one-day getaway from the sun and sea and head to Constanța, situated only 20 minutes away by car, where you can find out more about the region’s history at the Archaeological and National History Museum and the Archaeological Park. If you are more into livelier experiences, enjoy the shows performed at the Dolphinarium and have fun in Satul de Vacanță or Luna Park!