Satul de Vacanţă (the Holiday Village), situated on the shore of Lake Tăbăcăriei, between Constanţa and Mamaia, was a picturesque place which hosted 31 Romanian traditional restaurants, decorated in rustic style, according to the features of the region they represented. The food and the music were also in accordance with the regional specific.

Nowadays, on the spot of the old holiday village tourists will find an amusement park. The lively atmosphere in the park is due to the amusement facilities (train rides, bumper cars, roller coasters), which attract children and young people. There is also a bowling and billiards centre, a kart track, a circus arena, numerous food stalls, terraces, bars and discos. Here you will find beautiful handmade sea shell and other types of souvenirs. Beware that, in the summertime, it can get a bit too crowded!