Anastasie Fătu Botanical Garden in Iaşi, dating from 1856, is considered to be the oldest and the largest in the country. Built on Copou Hill, it spreads over a surface of 100 hectares of gardens, natural springs and lakes.

The garden takes its name after naturalist Anastasie Fătu, who set up the first botanical garden in the country at the end of the 19th century. Initially funded by its owner and later on by the city’s public authorities, the garden’s original purpose was to serve biology students interested in botany, as well as nature admirers. After the naturalist’s death, this first garden was destroyed, and several other botanical gardens were founded and moved across the city from 1870 until 1963, when the garden situated behind the new building of the University moved to its actual location.

The garden has 13 sectors: systematic, Romanian flora and vegetation, ornamental, dendrologic, world flora, biologic, useful plants, the greenhouses complex, rosary, Moldavia sylvosteppe, Herbarium, the micropropagation and germplasm preservation laboratory and the computation engineering laboratory. The garden also includes a 17th century church, while the main attractions remain the rose garden and the tropical greenhouses. In the summertime it is the ideal place for walking and picnicking.