Built in 1859, the Bridge of Lies is the first wrought iron bridge in Romania and the second in Europe. It separates the Small Square into two parts and allows access between the Lower and Upper Town. The Bridge of Lies is a symbol of Sibiu and the main attraction of the Small Square, mainly for romantics and lovers.

In 1771, a wooden bridge was built on the spot of an old gate tower of the second fortified precinct. It was replaced in 1859 by the wrought iron bridge built in the Fredericus Hütte factory, which impressed through its ornaments and the two large circles decorated with Sibiu’s coat of arms. The wall which supports the ladder incorporates a square stone platband, reminiscent of an older medieval building.

There are many legends about the name, but the most popular one says that if you tell a lie while you are on the bridge, it will collapse. Try this at your own risk! Another explanation refers to loiterers who were losing time in the surroundings of the bridge, inventing stories and telling lies as a pastime. Less fortunate is the legend according to which the clairvoyants whose prophecies turn out to be wrong were thrown off the bridge. The same tragic fate was faced by the merchants who tried to cheat their customers. The tricked clients would return here to punish the deceitful merchants and to set an example for the community. The most savoury legend has to do with the lovers who would meet on the bridge. They would share vows of eternal love and make plans for the future. After the wedding, if the wife turned out to be not as innocent as she had claimed to be, she would be dragged to the bridge and punished for her untrue vows.

However, the closest to the truth is the linguistic explanation. Due to the fact that the bridge was erected without supporting pillars, it was called the “lying bridge”. In the Saxon dialect, the word “lying” (lugenmarchen) is the homonym of the word “lie”, which is the starting point of the confusion related to the bridge’s name.

How to get there:
The Bridge of Lies is situated in Sibiu city centre, in the Small Square.
By bus: From Sibiu train station take buses #13, #17 or #22 to the city centre.