The Art Museum in Timișoara is one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the western part of the country. It was founded at the end of the 19th century as a section of the Museum of the Banat and developed due to the important donations of one of the founders of the museum, Ormòs Zsigmond. He contributed with a rich collection of Italian, Flemish, Dutch, German, Austrian, Hungarian and Romanian paintings, which now form the core of the museum.

In 1979, after having been hosted by several edifices, the art section of the Museum of the Banat moved to the west wing of the Baroque Palace in the Union Square. However, due to the insufficient size, that space could only house the temporary exhibitions, so in 2006 the Art Museum separated from the Museum of the Banat and, with the help of the local authorities, displayed all the collections inside the Baroque Palace.

Nowadays, the visitors can admire the following permanent collections: Old Banat Art, 19th Century Banat Paintings, Inter-war Banat Painting, Corneliu Baba, European Art, Decorative Art, European Graphics and Contemporary Art. The museum also displays various temporary exhibitions.

Ticket prices: 10 lei
Photo fee: 10 lei

How to get there:
The Baroque Palace is situated in the Union Square in Timișoara, within 30 minutes walking distance from the North Railway Station. From here, take Republicii Blvd to the Romanian National Opera in the Victory Square, continue on Alba Iulia Street until you reach Liberty Square and then take V. Alecsandri Street to the Union Square.

Union Square, no 1
Tel. +40 256 491 592
Fax. +40 256 491 582
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