The imposing Palace of Parliament in the centre of Bucharest is one of the most impressive buildings in the country, which holds a number of records: it is the heaviest administrative building in the world and the second largest, after the Pentagon. It is a gigantic concrete structure built during Nicolae Ceaușescu’s dictatorship: it has 12 floors and covers a surface of 330,000sqm. The vast, impressive halls and galleries overwhelm visitors with their generous decorations, majestic sculptures, golden plaster, laced ceilings, outstanding brocades, tapestries and carpets created using only the best materials, such as Ruşchişa marble, mahogany wood and crystals. Before the Revolution of 1989, it was also knows as the House of the Republic or the People’s House.

At the moment, the building accommodates the two chambers of the Romanian Parliament (the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate), the International Conference Centre and the National Museum of Contemporary Art. Due to its large size, wide halls and modern facilities and equipments, the Palace of the Parliament is also used for hosting various large-scale events, such as conferences, symposia and fairs.

The Palace of the Parliament can be visited every day. Tourists’ access inside it is permitted only on the basis of the identity card or passport.

Visiting Hours:
Daily, between 10:00 and 16:00

Admission fees:
Standard Tour: 25 lei / adult; 13 lei / student
Overview of the City – Terrace Tour (access by elevator): 15 lei / adult; 8 lei / student
Underground Tour (2 floors, access only by stairs): 10 lei / adult; 5 lei / student
Standard Tour + Overview of the city – Terrace (access by elevator): 35 lei / adult; 18 lei / student
Standard Tour + Underground (2 floors, access only by stairs): 30 lei / adult; 15 lei / student
Standard Tour + Overview of the city – Terrace + Underground: 45 lei / adult; 23 lei / student
Free admission: children under 7; pupils under 18; people with disabilities (on the basis of documents)

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+40 214 141 426
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