Graft Bastion in Brașov is a building which was part of the city’s medieval fortifications. Erected in 1521 over Graft Canal for defence and communication purposes, it was built in the middle of the north-western side of the citadel, close to the White Tower and the Black Tower. It was meant to house army and canons able to fire west, towards the Blacksmiths’ Bastions, and north, towards another bastion which no longer exists nowadays.

Later on, the fortifications lost their military functions and became purely decorative. The bastion was affected by a flood in 1809, and consequently three support arches were built over the canal. Two of these were demolished in 1902, together with a piece of the citadel’s wall. The beginning of the 21st century came with the addition of a connecting staircase between the bastion and the White Tower.

Nowadays, the restored four-storey monument accommodates a section of Brașov’s County History Museum, which displays weapons, armours and documents. The first level was transformed into a resting area for visitors.