Marin Sorescu National Theatre is Craiova’s most prestigious cultural institution, being emblematic for the city and Romania at the same time. The institution was founded in 1850 and since 1973 it functions in the actual building, a true architectural masterpiece.

Emblematic building of Craiova, situated in the city centre, the theatre is part of the series of three such cultural edifices that marked both the evolution of the contemporary Romanian architecture and theatrical art. Erected in the same period, 1964 – 1972, innovator as architectural expression and often likened to one another, the National Theatre in Bucharest, the State Theatre in Târgu Mureș and the National Theatre in Craiova represent the culmination in building cultural edifices in the 20th century Romania.

Over the years, the plays performed at Marin Sorescu National Theatre have been rewarded with numerous awards and prizes and have been included in more than 150 international festivals, such as Edinburgh International Festival, the Theatre Festival of the Americas in Montreal, the International Festival of Scenic Arts in Sao Paolo, Lincoln Center Festival (USA), Avignon Theatre Festival, the European Theatre Convention Festival in Stockholm, Dublin Theatre Festival or the International Theatre Festival MESS-Sarajevo.

The annual Shakespeare Theatre Festival organized in Craiova, through its exceptional artistic level, has carried the fame of the Marin Sorescu National Theatre on all the world’s meridians. Its previous six editions that took place until now consolidated the institution’s reputation. The festival brings theatre groups, artists and visitors from all around the world and, apart from the theatrical performances, it also hosts colloquiums and symposia dedicated to the work of Shakespeare, attended by the most important specialists in the field.

Fax: +40 251 416 942

How to get there:
Marin Sorescu National Theatre is situated exactly in Craiova city centre, next to the University of Craiova.
By car: From Craiova Train Station take Carol I Boulevard and then turn right after the University on A. I. Cuza St.
By bus: From Craiova Train Station take bus #1b to Olteț station, situated in the city centre, within 4 minutes walking distance from the theatre.