It is said that the theater is the place where you meet with you … or forget about yourself. The place where the emotions take hold of the hand and dance crazy, the laughter breaks loose and the heart feels lighter. We could say that theater is a magic number: because in theater time is in place.

Choose your story, take a seat and let yourself be led …

InDArt theater is among the first independent theaters opened in Romania. With a cultural experience of over a decade, InDArt has a generous repertoire of performances, frequently organizes theater and singing courses for all ages, as well as a unique Theater Festival, since 2015, Theater under the Moon. Annually, InDArt Theater recruits graduates of theater faculties from all over the country to create opportunities in such an competitive landscape.

InDArt history

In 2006, a cultural NGO was set up to offer young people the opportunity to express themselves freely in a particular artistic space. With a constant activity of 13 years, the InDArt Cultural Association has matured artistically, contributing to the development of the independent theater, with about 1500 events.

The purpose of InDArt is to create bridges between artistic domains. The organization focused its activity on two levels, one cultural and one social. Culturally, our goal is to open new access routes to a weak domain sustained in Romania, the independent theater. Socially, our mission is to open the artistic world to young people, to make it accessible, to educate. Supporting young artists, bringing theater to the attention of young audiences, guiding children to the creative environment, are the main means by which we activate.

Cultural projects

InDArt Theater is one of the first independent theater projects in Romania. With an innovative concept, through dedication, passion and a lot of work, InDArt Theater has stepped onto the independent stage of the theater with a team consisting of 40 professional actors, directors, set designer, pr, sound designer, lighting artist, photographers.

The #teatrusubluna theater and art festival was born in 2015. The event was created with the desire to offer the public alternative leisure time in summer, when most seasons are closed. The festival is held in the open air, and there is no shortage of theater, improvisation, concerts, photography exhibitions, costumes, etc.

Adenium is the musical project of the InDArt Association, a pop-rock band that pays tribute to the great artists who inspired us. With a select repertoire, which bears the imprint of passion for detail and the desire to personalize the show, Adenium offers a unique experience with each show.

Social Projects

Under the motto “Education through art”, we created the project “Plumbuita”, aimed at children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The purpose of the project was to present the play with the same name in schools and children’s homes. “Plumbuita” offered, first and foremost, the accessibility of culture for a social class that is often overlooked from this point of view. The show and the discussions at the end brought a joy for the children, but also a new educational dialogue.

Choose Your Story is a cultural project dedicated to supporting young people at the beginning of the journey in the process of artistic development. We aim to build opportunities for artists from various cultural fields by facilitating their creative space. Whether we speak of theater, music, dance, picture, literature, design, set design, we refer to the art of beauty, which can be found in any form of manifestation. It is the story of every artist who gives his soul to the lovers of beauty.