Probota Monastery, founded in 1530 by the Moldavian ruler Petru Rareș, is one of the finest and most important achievements of 16th century Moldavian feudal art and architecture. Petru Rareș’ first church was erected on the spot of an older wooden church, dating from 1398, and a stone one from 1440.

The Probota monastic complex consists of the church, initially built to serve as the princely necropolis, an abbot’s house, princely houses and a bell tower, all surrounded by massive outer walls and towers. All of these buildings present elements of the Moldavian civil architecture, being ones of the few 16th century edifices still preserved.

The church has interior and exterior murals, painted in 1532 in the style of the epoch. Probota was the first monastery in Moldavia to have frescoes painted on the outer walls. The exterior paintings, although distinguish themselves by a great elegance, are faded, but the interior ones are among the finest of their kind in the region. Particularly beautiful is the votive painting depicting the founder and his family, whose tombs lie in the church’s crypt. The tombstones are representative of 16th century sculpture, characterized by rich floral motifs, instead of the geometrical ones which were representative for that epoch.

The monastery’s museum includes a collection of ancient art and historical objects composed of archaeological items, 16th century clothes and cult objects.

Probota Monastery was restored between 1996 and 2001, when the original interior frescoes were revealed.

How to get there:
Probota Monastery is situated in Probota, 45 km from Suceava.
By train: Probota is accessible by trains following one of the routes: Pașcani – Probota – Dolhasca – Verești – Suceava – Probota station or Pașcani – Dolhasca – Verești – Suceava/Botoșani – Dolhasca station
By car: Depending on your starting point, access to Probota can be done on the following modernized roads: Botoșani – Liteni – Dolhasca – Probota; Suceava – Liteni – Dolhasca – Probota; Fălticeni – Dolhasca – Probota or Pașcani – Lespezi – Dolhasca – Probota

Tel: +40 230 571 433; +40 744 493 128
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