The Natural History Museum in Sibiu is one of the most important museums of its kind in Romania. It exhibits the richest and the most diverse collections in Romania, displaying more than 1 million objects from various fields, such as botany, zoology and palaeontology. Visitors will have the chance to visit the four sectors of the museum, Living World, Ecosystems, Palaeontology and Mineralogy. The museum’s main attractions are the complete bison skeleton, found in 1900 near Sighișoara, the colourful butterfly collection and the well preserved stuffed animals section.

The museum is housed in an edifice built in 1895 in Italian High Renaissance architectural style. The three-storey building underwent a series of restoration works between 2006 and 2008, being now very attractive to tourists due to the modern technologies through which the museum’s items are displayed. The exhibition became more dynamic with the introduction of tri-dimensional displays and dioramas and sound and light installations that recreate day-night cycles in various environments.