Agapia Monastery, situated at the foothills of the Stănișoara Mountains, at an altitude of 480 m, is one of the most visited places of worship in Moldavia. Since 1803, it serves as a monastery of nuns.

The new church of the Agapia Monastery was built in 1642-1644 by Gavrilă, the brother of Prince Vasile Lupu. During the years, the vast monastic assembly suffered numerous additions and changes. The church inside the enclosure was built of stone and brick and presents a lobby on the west side, along the porch. Another series of important changes took place in 1823, when the facades received a Neo-classical decoration, and then between 1858 and 1862, when the famous Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu painted the interior in Renaissance and classical style.

Agapia is one of the best known and most appreciated monasteries in Moldavia, visited by a large number of pilgrims. It also includes an interesting necropolis, inside a niche made of sculpted stone, containing the tombs of Gavrilă and his family.

How to get there:
Agapia Monastery is situated 47km north of Piatra Neamț. Take DN15C in the direction of Târgu Neamț and then turn left on DN15F to Agapia.