Built in Neo-Gothic style, Sturdza Castle was erected between 1880 and 1904 by Gheorghe Sturdza for his wife, Maria, in the village of Miclăuşeni, 65 km west of Iaşi. From an architectural point of view, the castle is very similar to the Palace of Culture in Iaşi and the Princely Palace in Ruginoasa. The German architects who designed the castle, I. Reincke and I. Grigsberg, included a superior floor, an attic, Neo-Gothic turrets and an entrance tower with a bridge over the moat.
On the inside, the castle benefited from Art Nouveau decorations made by Reincke, as well as paintings made by Maria Sturdza, illustrating the poems of the writer Vasile Alecsandri. Stairs made of Dalmatia marble, rose wood furniture, terracotta stoves, porcelains and crockery, mahogany, ebony and oak parquetry, walls and ceilings painted in oil, all these transformed the castle in one of the most refined residences in the country at that time. Its value grew even more due to the impressive collections of books, manuscripts and rare documents (60,000 items), weapons, jewels, silverware, medieval costumes, paintings and Carrara marble busts.
In time, the castle started to lose its glow, as it was transformed in turns into a military hospital, prison for German soldiers during World War I, nuns’ monastery, military warehouse, foster home and school. Two big fires, in 1968 and 1985, seriously mark the castle, destroying its attic, roof and woodwork (doors, windows and parquetry) and damaging its walls and the fireplaces. Since 2001, the castle belongs to the Mitropoly of Moldavia and Bucovina, which started ample works of restoration in 2003, remained unfinished to the present day. Nowadays, the castle is included on the list of historical monuments as part of the Miclăuşeni Monastery ensemble, which also includes a church and the 30 hectares park from the 19th century.

Opening Hours: Monday: closed
Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 – 16:00
Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays: 13:00 – 17:00
Photos by Dragoş Asaftei
Tourists who want to spend more time in the area can accommodate in 37 cosy rooms (30 double rooms and 7 single rooms) that benefit from running water, bathrooms and modern kitchens, a 150 seats restaurant, an open air terrace, a fitness gym and a conference room (with a capacity of 40 people).

How to get there:
Miclăuşeni is situated 65 km west of Iaşi.
By car: From Iaşi, take E583 to Miclăuşeni

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