Haşdeu Castle was built between 1894 and 1896 by the famous Romanian scholar Bogdan Petriceicu Haşdeu, in order to commemorate his daughter, Julia, who died of tuberculosis at only 19.

Bogdan Petriceicu Haşdeu was a complete scholar, a writer, geography and history professor, being drawn towards literature and the historical-philosophic field. During his lifetime, he was named member of the Linguistic Society in Paris, of the New York Academy of Sciences and of the Romanian Academy. Mircea Eliade called him “the most erudite Romanian of the 19th century”. He transmitted many of his passions to his daughter, Julia. She was a precocious child who grew into a beautiful, talented in writing and extraordinarily gifted from an intellectual point of view young lady. Julia was the first woman to have been accepted at Sorbonne in Paris and she also wrote poems, prose and theatre in French, her works being published posthumously. After her timely death, she remained omnipresent in all of the castle’s rooms through her portraits, sculptures and manuscripts.

Her father chose the path of spiritualism as the only way to comfort himself after the suffered loss. He claimed that the plans for building the castle were transmitted during a séance by his daughter. The castle, now a museum, houses numerous badges and symbols which remind the visitors of the writer’s connections with the freemasonry and his desire to communicate with his daughter even after her death.

The Neo-medieval cross shaped castle also houses and exhibits belongings of the Haşdeu family, such as photos, family portraits, paintings, furniture, decorative art objects, books, documents and manuscripts. You can also visit the room in which the spiritism sessions took place, on whose walls there were painted symbols: an angel’s head, a triangle, a butterfly (as noticed in a photo of the original mural painting) and, most probably, other undiscovered symbols. Haşdeu Castle was reintroduced into the cultural and touristic circuit in 1995. Since that moment, tens of thousands of people have visited it, drawn by the fascinating history of the symbolic building erected under the powerful influence of a spirit.

Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday, between 9:00 – 17:00

Ticket price: approx. 2 euro/person

How to get there:
By car: Câmpina is accessible on the DN1 national road, 95km north of Bucharest, between Bucharest and Brașov. At the entrance in Câmpina, leave DN1 for Nicolae Bălcescu St, which continues with Carol I Boulevard, where Haşdeu Castle is located at no 199.
By bus: From Bucharest, take the train, coach or maxitaxi to Ploiești. Here take one of the numerous buses or maxitaxis to Câmpina, with departures at every 15min. Approximate travel time to Câmpina is 45min.