Built by a German architect between 1774 and 1785, Bánffy Palace is one of the most important Baroque buildings in Cluj-Napoca. Reference monument in the history of architecture in Romania, the palace is representative for the Baroque civil architecture, as it was the first of a big number of Baroque palaces and noble houses in Cluj-Napoca.

Bánffy Palace was designed as private residence of count Bánffy György, governor of Transylvania. The dominant architectural style is the Central-European Baroque, but Renaissance and Romanian elements can be noted. Organized around an interior courtyard, the palace shows loggie with pillars and columns with column heads. The main facade presents a Gate of Honour, a sumptuous balcony at the first floor and the coat of arms of Bánffy family, framed by urns and statues of antique deities (Mars and Pallas Athena, Apollo and Diana, Hercules and Perseus).

On the inside, the luxurious interiors of the halls host the exhibits of the Cluj-Napoca Art Museum. Here you will find a display of Romanian art of an exceptional value.

How to get there:
The palace is situated in the Union Square, very close to the Roman Catholic Church of St. Michael and the Pharmacy Museum.

Union Square, no 30
Tel: +40 264 596 952
+40 264 596 953