I like the colors, I like the world that is born on the canvas. I like the happiness that is read on the face of the one who receives a unique gift. I am curious about the curiosity of the viewer. I am honored by the viewer’s desire to have, in turn, a unique product, made by me.

Products and service details

Your calls meet my passion for painting on canvas, wood, stone, leather or any other material. The result will be fantastic: unique, hand-painted items. You can come up with your idea or leave it to my appreciation. For those interested, who live in Craiova, there is also the option to make available to the artist the favorite clothing item, whose transformation they want. For the other cases, indicate the color and size of the shirt you want and just choose your favorite design. The paint used is resistant to repeated washes, if the recommended maintenance conditions are observed. The conditions will be communicated with the delivered product.