Cluj Napoca is one of the most important cities in Transylvania and a destination not to be missed. Cluj-Napoca invites you to discover the medieval atmosphere of its streets and the buildings’ architectural beauty. Being an important multicultural university centre, the city impresses through the variety and multitude of its cultural events.

Places to visit

  • Avram Iancu Square, situated in the city centre, is filled with history and culture. Visit this square which provides a breathtaking view, where you can admire the following touristic attractions: the Romanian National Theatre and Opera House (Teatrul Național și Opera Română); the Military Club (Cercul Militar); the Palace of Justice (Palatul de Justiție) and the Orthodox Cathedral (Catedrala Mitropolitană Ortodoxă). From here you can walk to Cipariu Square to find the Tailors’ Bastion, one of the few fortified towers preserved intact until today.
  • The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saint Michael.Built between 14th and 15th centuries in a Gothic style, it could be considered a symbol of Cluj. In front of it you can admire the statue of King Matei Corvin of Hungary.
  • The Botanical Garden in Cluj-Napoca is a 14 hectares paradise, close to the centre of the old city. Here you can see species of plants and trees specific to the region, but also palm trees and other tropical plants. It is an ideal place for walking and recreation.
  • Cluj Arena. Go and watch a football match hosted by Cluj Arena, the newest stadium in Romania, classified by UEFA in the Elite category. The stadium is the home ground of Universitatea Cluj football club.

Cluj-Napoca and Surroundings

Enjoy the exciting activities that the city of Cluj-Napoca offers to its tourists. Swim in the Olympic Pool or play paintball in a specially arranged park.
Choose a unique experience offered by the Astronomical Observatory of Cluj, where you can feel closer to the stars.
If you visit Cluj in the winter, have fun at the ice ring or ski on Ski Arena (Feleacul) slope, located 13 kilometres from the city.
Known as the unofficial capital of Romanian cinematography, Cluj hosts the annual Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF). Join the marathon of films from all over the world and watch premieres of valuable productions.
Schedule a couple of hours to visit Bánffy Castle, located 30km from Cluj-Napoca, in the village of Bonţida. Called the Versailles of Transylvania, the castle is one of the main Baroque attractions in Transylvania and Romania. Relax at the cafe located inside the castle, where Prince Charles of Great Britain drinks his tea every time he visits Romania. Here you will find out about the historical relations between the Bánffy family and British Royal family.