Come and discover Brașov, the centre of tourism in Transylvania. The Saxon city situated at the foot of Mount Tâmpa is an attractive one, with natural beauties and Renaissance architecture. Listen to the fascinating legends about haunted old buildings, enjoy the best traditional desserts and charge yourselves with the energy that this place emanates.

Top 5 Attractions

  • Brașov Council Square (Piaţa Sfatului) is one of the most beautiful squares in Romania. Besides the Bohemian facades and attractive cafes, the legends are the ones that give the place its charm. It seems that Council Square (Piața Sfatului) is the last place in Europe where a witch was burnt. Near the square you can find the Blacksmiths’ Bastion (Bastionul Fierarilor), Graft Bastion, the White Tower, Șchei Gate, Ecaterina’s Gate or the Synagogue.
  • The Black Church (Biserica Neagră) is the most important sight in Brașov and the largest Gothic – style church in Transylvania. Discover, inside of it, one of the biggest pipe organs in Europe and the largest collection of Anatolian carpets. The church’s treasure also contains numerous statues, paintings and icons.
  • Republic’s Street (Strada Republicii). Take a walk on one of the most animated streets in Brașov. It is crossed by picturesque narrow streets, along which you can find houses with Baroque and Renaissance facades. With chic boutiques, hotels and intimate restaurants, Republic’s Street will certainly keep you busy for hours.
  • The Weavers’ Bastion (Bastionul Ţesătorilor) is the best preserved bastion of Brașov citadel. Visit this place, considered to be unique in Romania, due to its military architecture.
  • Mount Tâmpa. From Brașov take the cable car up to Mount Tâmpa to admire the magnificent views of the entire city. In the ’50s, when the city was named “Stalin’s City”, the trees on Mount Tâmpa were cut so that the Soviet dictator’s name could be seen.

Things to do

Relax in one of the dozens cafes and restaurants clustered mainly in the centre of Brașov Citadel. Here you can have the best pancakes from Brașov (clătite braşovene) and well – prepared dishes from traditional and international cuisine. You should not miss Rope Street (Strada Sforii), a curiosity of Brașov. This 83m long street is known as being the narrowest one of Eastern Europe, with a width of approximately 132 cm. Enjoy a show with elements of myth, ritual, ceremony and magic. This is the Pageant of the Juni (Sărbătoarea Junilor), which highlights customs inherited from ancient times. Visit Poiana Brașov, a touristic mountain resort where you can practice all types of mountain sports. Enjoy the excellent services of the hotels and pensions in Poiana Brașov. In this resort, considered to be a paradise for skiers, you can find 12 ski slopes, with varying degrees of difficulty. Thirty minutes from Brașov by bus or train, you can get to Râşnov, a 13th century citadel built by the Teutonic Knights. Here you can visit a small museum and a jail and enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains