Bordered in the north by the highest Romanian mountains, the Southern Carpathians (Carpaţii Meridionali), Wallachia runs south down to the Danube Meadow. To the east, the Danube separates the province from Dobrogea, and to the west, the whirling Danube Cauldrons (Cazanele Dunării) of the same river marks, through unique landscapes, the border with Serbia.

Castles and Monasteries

The region has dozens of historical monuments spread both over the bustling cities, and especially over the mysterious hiding places of nature. Follow the footsteps of Count Dracula to Poenari Castle, considered the true residence of the Romanian Prince Vlad the Impaler (Vlad Ţepes). Thrill lovers must cross the threshold of Haşdeu Castle, built by famous writer Bogdan Petriceicu Haşdeu after the plans transmitted during a séance by his daughter, Julia Haşdeu. Horezu Monastery, historical UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an impressive complex of medieval Romanian architecture, while Cozia and Tismana Monasteries host important Byzantine art collections. The beautiful Curtea de Argeş Monastery contains the tombs of some of the most important kings, queens and princes of Romania. According to a legend, the church’s master builder Manole walled up his wife in order to ensure the building’s resistance.

Health Spa Resorts

One of the most spectacular areas of Wallachia is the western one, where the river Olt, sprang from Transylvania, pierces the Carpathians’ stone, leaving behind beautiful gorges. Housed in the mountains are the health spa resorts Călimăneşti – Căciulata and Olăneşti. Here you can enjoy many treatments based on the therapeutic properties of thermal waters.

Things to do

Specially arranged areas invite you to hunting, sport and recreational fishing. On the upper course of the Jiu river you can do rafting, and the mountainous relief allows paragliding launches in the depths of spectacular valleys. For adrenaline lovers, we recommend an incursion to the adventure theme park situated in the Vâlcan Mountains.

One-day trips in Wallachia

Craiova, Wallachia’s most important city, after the capital Bucharest, is an ideal starting point for one- day trips.

  • Craiova – Târgu Jiu. In the Northwest, 102 km from Craiova, you can visit the city Târgu Jiu, which houses the works of the great sculptor Constantin Brâncuşi. From here you can go to Rânca resort, a true paradise for the winter sports fans, where snow covers the slopes five months a year.
  • Craiova – the Danube Gorge. To the west, 120 km from Craiova is the Danube Gorge (Clisura Dunării). The main attractions of the area are water sports, monumental landscapes and the numerous welcoming pensions.

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