Transylvania is the heart of Romania, Dracula’s land, situated within the Carpathians’ arch. This touristic region captivates through the diversity of its landscape and the Saxon, Romanian and Hungarian cultural confluences.

Top 10 Attractions in Transylvania

  • Agro-touristic pensions. In picturesque areas such as Rucăr – Bran and Mărginimea Sibiului, the hospitality of the rural accommodation is doubled by the traditional home-cooked meals.Smoked cheese, wrapped in fir bark, served with a glass of pălincă, represent only the appetizer for a true culinary feast, in which Hungarian, Romanian and Saxon influences can be noted.
  • Castles and fortified Saxon churches. The Saxons left behind magnificent buildings, of which the most interesting to visit are the Huniad Castle (Castelul Huniazilor) and Biertan Saxon church.
  • The three big medieval cities: Sighişoara, Sibiu and Braşov. Birthplace of Dracula, Sighişoara charms through its perfectly preserved medieval architecture. Sibiu, a former European Capital of Culture in 2007, attracts through its exceptional museums, impressive cobblestone squares and charming festivals. In Braşov, you can admire the buildings’ Baroque facades and you can relax in modern cafes inside the medieval bastions.
  • Bran Castle is a must-visit place, being a historic monument known within the international tourism owing to its picturesque image associated with the places where Dracula haunted.
  • Peleş Castle, summer residence of the kings of Romania, is one of the most beautiful in Europe.
  • Winter sports in the Prahova Valley resorts. Here you can try the slopes specially arranged for skiing, snowboarding and tubing in the most popular ski resorts like: Poiana Brasov, Sinaia, Predeal and Azuga.
  • Alba Iulia, former capital of Transylvania, is unique for its Vauban – style citadel, which houses galleries, museum, palaces, cathedrals, libraries and a university. Visit the Orthodox Unification Cathedral, the place where the first monarchs of Romania were crowned. Do not miss the Changing of the Guard ceremony, every day at noon at the citadel’s gates.
  • Dacian Fortresses. Visit these UNESCO World Heritage Sites, true confessions of Geto – Dacian and Daco – Roman civilizations.
  • Spa resorts. Praid salt mine, one of the largest salt mines in Europe, and health spa resort Sovata Băi are just two of the destinations where you can relax.
  • Challenging high altitude roads: Transfăgărăşan and Transalpina. The Transfăgărăşan was proclaimed by Top Gear TV show’s makers as one of the most challenging and beautiful roads in Europe. Transalpina or the King’s Road winds on the mountains’ peaks, being situated at the highest altitude in Romania.

Things to do

Explore Transylvania’s wild lands on the Bucegi and Parâng’s mountain trails. For extra adrenaline you can try mountain sports such as: bungee jumping on the Transfăgărăşan, at Vidraru, paragliding at Bâlea, mountain climbing and enduro motorcycle tours. Do not forget about horse riding, mountain biking and ATV rides. For history enthusiasts, Tărtăria is where the oldest written message of the human kind was found, the plates dating 5500 years BC being exposed for visiting.

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