Five months of burning sun, 194 kilometres of coastline with golden beaches, endless vineyards and a rich Greek and Byzantine heritage, all can be found in Dobrogea, Romania’s south-eastern region. Explore it in order to discover the Romanian seaside and the Danube Delta!

The Romanian Seaside

For those who love the sun and fun, the beaches of the 15 resorts on the Romanian seaside are the perfect destination. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife, the romantic sunrises and the spa procedures for relaxation and treatment. Discover the marks left behind by the ancient Greeks in the three colonies founded 2000 years ago: Histria, Tomis and Callatis.

Top 3 Seaside Resorts

  • Mamaia. „The Romanian Black Sea pearl”, Mamaia resort is situated in the proximity of Constanţa, the biggest city in Dobrogea. The touristic resort is highlighted through the luxurious hotels, vivid atmosphere and smooth beaches. We recommend you to take a gondola ride or to visit the amusement water park. Spend your evenings in one of the numerous restaurants, bars and clubs which offer programs for all tastes.
  • Costineşti. Located 28 km south of Constanţa, Costineşti resort is the preferred youth destination. You can practice many water sports such as: diving, boat and water bike rides, ski jet, wind-surfing or paragliding launches. The hotels, pensions and villas have good conditions for accommodation and meals, at reasonable prices. Enliven your nights in one of the numerous nightclubs.
  • Vama Veche. Here you will find one of the most nonconformist Black Sea resorts. The wild beaches and the feeling of freedom that they offer make Vama Veche a holiday destination for hippie adepts, nudists and young rebels.

The Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is a unique place in Europe, with wild and luxurious vegetation and fauna that transform it into a true “Noah’s Ark”. These beautiful places shelter 98% of Europe’s aquatic fauna, many of the species being rare ones. Because of its resemblance with an exotic paradise, the Danube Delta was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discover the Danube Delta on routes hidden through reed corridors and extensive forests. Watch the birds and the nature show given by the multitude of animal and insect species. Enjoy the fish dishes in one of the traditional restaurants. Try a unique accommodation experience in one of the floating hotels.

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