Let’s imagine you have heard about the beauties of Romania and that an unstoppable desire to visit it bloomed in your heart. (It is not uncommon, we are telling you!) There are some steps you will have to prepare and organize before coming here. First things first: the decision – ticked! Now let’s get down to serious business! Check to see if there are any special requirements for entering Romania and if you need a visa. With these things clear, you can proceed to booking your flight and your hotel. Below we have provided some information on what to pack depending on when and where you go, as well as on what you plan to do here. Get informed on what are the country’s most important attractions and make sure you do not miss the important days or the wonderful festivals which overlap your visit in Romania. Having all these in mind, you will be able to maximize your experience, but it is only after actually coming here that you can say you had a perfect experience!

When to go?
In Romania, there is a high contrast between seasons, so choose when to go depending on what is it that you want to do, see or visit here. However, the country’s geographical diversity, as well as the multitude of sights, events and traditional celebrations, offer yearlong visiting opportunities. So don’t worry that you won’t sunbathe if you come in April; there will surely be many other things which will make you say WOW!

Romania is definitely a destination, but you won’t be able to see it all in a short holiday. Come back here every time you can and take your time to discover the country bit by bit. It offers many possibilities to pick from and we guarantee that it will not leave you disappointed, no matter when you come. Nonetheless, you need to know that, while spring and autumn are more moderate, summer and winter have become increasingly extreme in the recent years. This is useful information when packing, as you might want to put some extra clothes for the cold season and a fan for the summer.

Spring is the season of the biggest Orthodox feast day, the Easter. The unique Romanian traditions and customs that revolve around this day are a not-to-miss, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Birdwatchers should be present in the Danube Delta for the start of the migratory season when millions of noisy birds cross the Delta’s sky. If you are more inclined towards visiting cultural and historic touristic sights, go for the urban areas, as they can become a little too dusty and hot in the summer.

Summer…well, we don’t know what to recommend here, as all the country, from seaside to mountains and from cities to the most remote villages are a rewarding choice. Take your bathing suit and enjoy the strong summer sun on one of the resorts on the Black Sea coast. Beware that Bucharest and the seaside resorts can reach 40 degrees Celsius during the summer, whereas the cooler mountains can be perfect for those who are not so fond of hot temperatures. Hike in the mountains, plunge in the Danube Delta or participate in the summer festivals, but make sure you book ahead, as the summer holiday brings many tourists from all over the world.

If you are a painter in search of new, undiscovered, “uninvented” colours, the Carpathians’ forests will surely give you thousands of hues of green, yellow and red. Get closer to the nature by participating in autumn festivals related to harvesting the crops and the grapes or gathering the sheep.

Mingle in the crowd of students that return to their universities and enjoy the newly enlivened cities.

Winter is the best time to come if you prefer the cold, clean mountain air. Put on the skiing equipment and hit the snowy slopes, and then relax in front of a jug of mulled wine in a cosy chalet. The big cities are also a good destination, especially if you are into visiting museums. Towards the end of the year, make sure you found a host in Maramureş or Moldavia, the places where cheerful traditions come to life during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

What to pack?
Besides your documents, money and other personal belongings that you might need (such as medicines), everything else you will find in Romania. Pay attention to the fact that in the rural or more remote areas you won’t have as many shopping possibilities as in the big cities, so make sure you bring all the necessary things with you.

Bring comfortable clothing and footwear, but keep in mind that you might need different things depending on when and where you go. Coming to Romania in the summer will generally require light clothes. Take a bathing suit and slippers for the seaside, but pack warmer clothes for the cool mountain nights. Gloves cap and scarf – three things that you should bring for the winter. The rainy autumn and spring will require an umbrella, but this is a cheap and easy to find purchase. If you plan on doing some sports and outdoor activities, bring appropriate clothing, as for the necessary equipment there are renting possibilities.

Other things that you might need to bring are related to the specific place you are headed to. Pack a flashlight and a clasp-knife if you try a mountain expedition and a mosquito spray if you go to the Delta.

Oh, and we almost forgot the most important thing! Bring a “survival kit” with garlic, silver crucifixes and holy water in case you meet any vampires around! Just kidding…