Rânca is a developing mountain resort, both in what regards the services and the numbers of pensions and hotels. Between November and May, there are two ski slopes open, one for beginners (600m) and one of medium level (500m), and two sledge slopes. The ski slopes are equipped with a button lift, night lighting installation and baby-ski track, perfect for the young snow lovers. The resort’s development plans include the building, in the near future, of four new ski slopes and a cable car. Here you can also try snowboarding, paraglide launches, off-piste skiing or snowmobile rides. The snowboarders can use the ski slopes, but there are also others possibilities for the experienced ones. They can explore the area around Rânca, which offers magnificent views.

Although Rânca can be considered a winter resort, plan a visit in other seasons too. In the summer you can choose one of the ten hiking trails or take ATV rides to discover the surrounding mountains. Off-road and motocross are choices that include a little more adrenaline. The peaks of the surrounding mountains and the air currents create the perfect frame for those who want to try an extreme adventure: paragliding.

Important attractions in the area include the UNESCO World Heritage Site Horezu Monastery, situated 60km away from Rânca.