Păltiniș is a mountain resort close to Sibiu, surrounded by beautiful mountains which offer numerous summer and winter sports and outdoor activities. Established at the end of the 19th century at an altitude of 1.442m, it is considered to be the oldest and highest resort in the country. The quality of the ozone-filled air, rich in aerosols and ultraviolet rays, recommends the resort for treating different illnesses.

Visitors enjoy the wonderful sceneries and the ski slopes covered in snow for up to four months a year. There are several ski slopes with different levels of difficulty, suitable for both beginner and advanced skiers. The slope on Onceşti Mountain offers a chairlift, a ski lift and a baby-lift. Moreover, the area is suitable for off-piste skiing. During the summer, adventurers can take a hike in Cindrel or Lotrului Mountains. Take a walk in the Iezerele Cindrelului reservation, to the famous glacial lakes.

Reserve a day for visiting the medieval Sibiu and take a tour of its museums, starting with Brukenthal Museum and the History Museum. Climb in the Council Tower and walk on the Bridge of Lies, but pay attention to the legends related to it!

How to get there:
Păltiniș is situated 35 km from Sibiu.
By car: From Sibiu, take DJ106A road through Dumbrava Sibiului Natural Park and Rasinari to Păltiniș.
By bus: Take bus #22 which leaves Sibiu daily at 7:00, 11:00 and 16:00 to Păltiniș.