Situated half an hour by car from Constanța, on the shore of the Black Sea, Costinești is the favourite summer resort for young people in Romania. The Costinești beach, 8km long and 200m wide, is exposed to the summer sun all day long. Among the available water sports here, the most popular are jet skiing, windsurfing, diving, “banana” riding, paragliding and parasailing. Most of these nautical sports, as well as boat and water bicycle rides, can also be performed on Lake Costinești, situated near the beach.

The resort’s main attractions are the Obelisk on the beach and the Evangelia wreck, a Greek ship that shipwrecked in the 1960s and which can still be seen in the northern part of the beach, close to the shore. Costinești’s nightlife develops around its bowling alleys, bars and outdoor discos where you can have fun. Because of these attractions points for young people, it is said that the resort never sleeps. So if you’re looking for sleepless nights, Costinești should definitely be your pick!