Butterfly Wellness & Spa, part of Viva Club Hotel in Galaţi, is a luxurious space which offers a new perspective to the standard spa facilities and techniques. The relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, the innovative treatments and customized procedures have quickly made Butterfly Wellness & Spa one of the top choices for people looking for professional services.

The spa centre offers a wide range of spa and wellness services for both women and men, from different types of depilation (traditional, permanent through intense pulsed light) to relaxation and anti-cellulite massage sessions, body wraps (chocolate, parafango), sauna, fitness, aerobics and therapies (reflex therapy, press therapy). State-of-the-art technologies such as vacuum, infra red and ultra-sounds are used in body procedures (body reshapes).

Butterfly Wellness & Spa also boasts with a beauty salon where guests can benefit from cosmetic treatments, tanning booths, covered inside pool, sauna, Turkish bath and a large and well-equipped fitness and aerobics gym. The club’s facilities for guests include lockers, showers and towels.

How to get there:
Butterfly Wellness & Spa is situated in the northern part of Galati, 10 minutes away by car from the city centre.

Address: Meteo Alley, no 4, Bariera Traian
Tel: +40 336 401 640
+40 236 406 226
Fax: +40 336 401 650