The Blumengarten Spa & Wellness Center of the BinderBubi Hotel & Spa is one of Sighișoara’s little corners of heaven. Useful for relaxation, rejuvenation and stress reduction, the Blumengarten procedures will make you feel great for a long time after the end of your holiday.

Below is a list of the spa and wellness procedures available at the Blumengarten Center that will contribute to your state of mental and physical well being.

Sauna The dry sauna acts both on the outside and on the inside. Through the hot air, approximately 30% of the toxins from your body are eliminated. This procedure increases the collagen production and eliminates cellulite, so that your skin will regain its elasticity, suppleness and firmness and it will be able to breathe again. Not only will the skin breathe easier in such an environment, but, by inhaling hot air, also the respiratory or sinuses problems can be cured. Similarly, the wet sauna helps eliminating the toxins from your body, hydrates the skin and melts the adipose tissue.

Hay Bath The hay bath is an innovative procedure in Romania, even though scientists and researchers indicated its beneficial effects many years ago. By inhaling the flavour in the hay capsules, a profound nervous and muscular relaxation occurs, and also a visible improvement of the respiratory process is obtained.

Relaxation Room The relaxation room in the Blumengarten Spa & Wellness Center is furnished with chaise longues and waterbeds. The relaxation music and the aromatherapy complete the atmosphere. Even the lighting in this room is thought in such a way that it will induce a state of deep relaxation. Guests can read, meditate and even sleep in this “room of wonders”.

Jacuzzi The Jacuzzi is famous for its revitalising effects, as it improves the blood circulation through the air and water jets that massage the back, the nape and the feet. After a wonderful day at the spa, use your newly gained strengths and take a tour of Sighișoara and its surroundings. You can also try a delicious dining experience at the hotel’s elegant Lorelei Restaurantand have a fruit-flavoured wine in the La Pastorella Wine Cellar. If you want to enjoy a cocktail before going to bed, the intimate Zara Café is a perfect choice.

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Blumengarten Spa & Wellness Center, part of the BinderBubi Hotel & Spa, is situated within 5 min walking distance from the Clock Tower in Sighișoara.

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