With a rich archaeological and historical background, the health spa resort Geoagiu Băi has been known for the curative properties of its mineral waters ever since the times of the Dacians. Two millennia ago, they named this settlement Germisara (germi – hot, sara – spring), term also found in the later Roman name Thermae Germisara or Germisara Cum Thermis. Nowadays, Geoagiu Băi boasts with important mineral springs and with thermal springs which come out of the ground at temperatures of 30°C.

The natural environment has greatly contributed to the resort’s development. Its mineral and thermal waters and fresh air recommend Geoagiu Băi for many therapeutical uses in affections of the locomotor apparatus, gynaecological affections, metabolic and nutrition diseases, dermatological affections, hepatitis and affections of the nervous system. Tourists who come to Geoagiu Băi can also benefit from warm mud packing, electro- and photo-therapy and herbal baths, in addition to the popular baths in the public pools with thermal water. These outdoor pools function throughout the summer, but several hotels have their own indoor spa treatment facilities functioning year-round.

Geoagiu Băi also offers its visitors numerous tourist attractions and ways to spend their free time. You can fish in the nearby specially arranged lakes and ponds, rent ATVs and bikes to explore the surroundings or take short walks to visit the waterfall, Geoagiu Cave, Germisara Roman castrum (“Thermae Dodonae”), the Roman road, the Roman Thermal Baths and the 11th century rotunda church. Not far from the resort, only 20 minutes by car to the south, you will find the town of Orăştie, the basis for trips to the Dacian fortresses.

How to get there:
Geoagiu Băi is situated 97km west of Sibiu. From here, take DN7 national road in the direction of Deva, and 5km before reaching Orăştie turn right on DJ75 road. The resort Geoagiu Băi is situated 5km north from Geoagiu.

97km from Sibiu, Transylvania Region