Atra Fitness, part of the 5-star Atra Doftana pension, is a great place for exercising and relaxing. As most of our harmony and physical and mental balance come from nature and our relationship with it, Atra Fitness was designed to bring nature closer to the gym. Entering through the wide windows of the fitness room, nature lies in front of you, making you feel as if you would run or bike outdoors.

The spa and fitness centre at Atra welcomes its guests with a fitness gym where you can exercise at the treadmill, exercise bike or weight machine. Here you can keep your exercising routine or relax during a yoga session in the dedicated space, which offers panoramic view to the lake and to a stimulating and inspirational natural environment.

For guests who prefer relaxing, the dry sauna is the most appropriate place to cleanse the mind and refresh the body. In order for the guests to exercise and relax in a comfortable atmosphere, the pension provides relaxation music, showers, bath robes, slippers and towels.

How to get there:
By car: From Bucharest take DN1 national road to Campina. From Campina’s centre, take Doftana Street until you reach Doftana, and then take DJ102I road until you pass Paltinul Lake.

Fundătura Cerbului, no 780B
Teşila village, Valea Doftanei, Ploiesti
Tel: +40 735 020 110
Fax: +40 212 123 934