The Central Park, situated next to the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Victory Square, is one of the oldest, largest and most beautiful parks in Timişoara. The proximity from the city centre makes it one of the most popular outdoor relaxation and recreation areas.

The park was built in 1870 by General Anton Scudier on a surface of 91,400 sqm, over the city’s first cemetery. It was given Scudier’s name and even featured a life-size statue of the general, as a sign of the appreciation coming from the city’s citizens.

Nowadays, the park includes an alley with the busts of the most important political, military, cultural, and academic leaders of the city, artesian wells and numerous alleys where people can stroll or sit on a bench, admiring the rich ornamental flora. In the centre of the park is situated an imposing Heroes Monument.

How to get there:
The Central Park is situated on the right side of the Metropolitan Cathedral in the Victory Square (as you are looking at the Cathedral).

Regele Ferdinand Blvd