Inaugurated in the 1830s, the Central Park in Cluj-Napoca is one of the first urban parks in Central Europe and the main green area in the city centre. Located right next to the Cluj Arena, it can be reached within less than 10 minutes walking distance from the Union Square. “Simion Bărnuțiu” Central Park had different owners and names along the years, the actual one, dedicated to the Transylvanian statesman, historian and philosopher, dating since 1989.

Forty years after its inauguration, the park was enriched with Chios Lake, which is perfect for boat and paddle boat rides during the summer and ice skating in the winter, when it freezes. At the end of the 19th century, the local architect Lajos Pákey designed the buildings inside the park: the skating pavilion (today Chios Restaurant, on the banks of Chios Lake), the Kiosk (today the Casino) and the artesian well behind the Kiosk.

Recently, the Central Park and the Casino have been rehabilitated to match its 19th century appearance and atmosphere. The Casino now boasts with a sumptuous hall, suitable for exhibitions, receptions, shows and banquets. Strolling through the park’s alleys, visitors can also admire the statues of the Romanian writers Liviu Rebreanu and George Coşbuc, and, during the summer, listen to the symphonic music concerts held in the pavilion next to the artesian well.

The park has a specially arranged playground for children, a sports field with light installation and fitness equipments for those who want to exercise in the middle of nature.

How to get there:
From the Union Square, take Memorandumului St, turn right on Vasile Alecsandri St and, after 160m, turn left on Cardinal Iuliu Hossu St to reach your destination (on the right).

Cardinal Iuliu Hossu St (next to Cluj Arena)