The Village Museum of Bucovina in Suceava, situated next to the Princely Citadel, shows true examples of local architecture, as wooden buildings were brought here from different villages in the region.

The exhibits reflect the structure, organization and activities of a traditional village from Bucovina, including houses, workshops, taverns, churches and even a watermill. Among the most popular exhibits are the bell tower from Vama, which dates from 1783 and is still used for religious services, and the tavern from Şaru Dornei. The interiors are also decorated respecting the ethnographic particularities of the area. Inside the buildings, visitors will find traditional furniture, ovens and textiles, some of them recreating not only the daily activity of the Romanian peasants, but also specific ceremonies such as baptism and funeral.

The museum is a living cultural entity, as it hosts numerous outdoor folk festivals, craft fairs for promoting the authentic traditions and creations and creation camps for pupils.

Opening Hours:
April 15th – October 15th: 10:00 – 18:00
October 15th – April 15th: 8:30 – 15:30

Ticket price:
Adults: 6 lei
Groups of children: 1.5 lei

Tel. +40 230 216 439
Tel. +40 230 213 775
Fax. +40 230 522 979

How to get there:
By car: From Iași, follow DN28/E583 road to Târgu Frumos. Take DN28A to Pașcani and then DJ208A to Suceava. Before entering Suceava, turn right on Parcului St and left on Citadel Alley. Approximate travel time is 2h 12’.
By train: From Iași, there are seven trains per day to Suceava. The first one leaves at 5:00 and the last one at 19:00. Approximate travel time is 2h (InterRegio trains) or 3h (Regio trains).
By bus: There are regular bus and maxi-taxi rides between Iași and Suceava. The first one leaves at 6:00 and the last one at 19:00. Approximate travel time is 2h 45’.
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